The Announcement

My name is Edward Nash and I am running for President in 2024 as an independent.

 The common concern of all political parties should be the welfare of the people of this country.  The people’s welfare has not been the highest priority or concern of the government of the United States of America for a long time. This country was formed from different ethnicities and nationalities.  Our ancestors came to this country to achieve what was once called the American dream.  However, that dream has now changed and is different for all.  I'm just a regular citizen who wishes to exercise my constitutional right. I am tired of the division and the struggles that we all have in this country.  The people are the backbone of this country and work the hardest to keep this country going. It is the people suffering the most who are living paycheck to paycheck and those who have fallen through the cracks of the current system.  I don't have all the answers but I do know one thing I am a citizen of this country and I am tired of the way our nation is running.  I am Edward Lee Nash Jr and I am running for President of the United States of America.  My running mate is James Thomas Brooks who will be my Vice President.  We are neither Republicans nor Democrats. We are running as an independent.  We want to become the voice of the people. We want you to be heard in our government,  join our committee, Edward Nash the committee to elect for President.  Become a member and show your support by donating campaign contributions.  I am asking to be your voice, I am asking for your help to create a new  American Dream for all people.



James Thomas Brooks